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Cooperate with Red Bull company to customize a camera mount for Sasha Digiulian. 

An automatic rope climbing camera mount 

which allow rock climbers to tell their own interesting story from a third perspective.

It can suit any kind of climbing and all skill levels. 

Set up a static rope, attach the device and capture your entire climb. The Caterpillar is always rolling.

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First Version: Caterpilar

Ball bearings

Improve Version: Mosquitofish

Flat shape

To capture the camera which also can easily be take out.

4 directions push button

Ring hole

It can be locked in each direction to capture different shooting angle.

Connected with carabiners to hang in the bag.

Helps the product to quickly glide on the rope, reducing air resistance.

To make sure the camera can always focus down when it was gliding on rope, and reduce the shake.

Silicone case

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