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Geometric Collection

Geometric collection is a redesign of plunger.


Toilet plugs always give people an unhygienic feeling. But in fact, the sucker on the bottom has a lot of possibilities to create something interesting.We used the interesting possibilities of this sucker to create two different products, candle holders and tissue holders.

Qumei’s Redesign Project by SINA Home-furnishing Channel


We've highlighted the interesting feature of its suction, given it a new identity and made it to be a candlestick that can be set in place at will.

Tissue holder

When the toilet plug which usually leaned against a corner is set up against a wall, the stick will be held in midair to form a fixed bracket. So we associate it with the paper towel rack and add geometric elements to make people simple. The taste of life can also be felt in the scrolling motion.

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