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Butterfly Tray​

Designed a mounting system that attaches a lap tray to the two most common type of armrests on children's wheelchair.

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Studio Shooting

The tray was secured on the back of the chair and the hardware allowed for

it to rotate to the front of the chair. It would then lock into position on a set of telescoping arms. The tray folds in half for easy storage on the back of the chair

but can be folded out for maximan use in the front.

The circular tube fused with metal tube acts as the chair connection.

A slit is cut in each square tube to allow the hinges to move up and down the arm.

Two 5-inch metal hinges connect the tray to the metal telescoping arm.

The tray folds onto the hinges to become flush with the telescoping arm,

ensuring the tray does not run into the wheelchair bars.

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